Monday, August 3, 2020

Deepak Parwani

Deepak Parwani is a fashion designer but also to opt. As a model and actor, she is one of the most influential fashion designers in Pakistan. They deal with the intricate details of urban contemporary women's chic and high fashionable checkered kits and dresses ranging from formal to casual.
Deepak Parwani (born 1973) is a Pakistani fashion designer and actor. He is a member of the Hindu Sindhi community in Pakistan.
Deepak Parwani has been declared as the 6th modern design house in the world. Deepak's brides are for the urban contemporary woman. Elegant and modern. His formal style focuses on sleek cuts and he likes to experiment with colors. Over the past two years, she has achieved significant success with her new lawn collection, due to the dynamic use of the feminine status of color and love spring, which was contrary to her usual work. Her latest obsession with ready-to-wear pretzels convinced her that she was increasing her focus on women's clothing with her Pretty One Porter collection. The line is highly wearable and reasonably priced. Whatever the occasion, Deepak Parwani's collection has something for everyone.
Deepak started his career at the age of just 20 in 1994 with the Man weather Line, which changed the way men wore in Pakistan. In 1996, with the opening of his flagship store in Zamzama, Karachi, he set out to launch his line of formal and bridal women's clothing. Over the years, she has been recognized and recognized nationally and internationally, and she has received numerous awards for her skills, outstanding performances, and contributions to the world of fashion. Deepak, an undoubted teacher of Kocher, creates magic with his flattering cuts, amazing colors, and the rust of both East and West. His creations have their distinct stamp and they always stand for the best and the best style from which they are expelled.

Guinness World Record:
The designer has recently created the world's largest kurta. Such a big story, which a 175-foot-tall (53-meter) man wanted to wear, was unveiled at a public ceremony. Guinness World Records later confirmed the entry based on strict documentation. The cloth weighs 800 kg, is 101 feet tall, and 59 feet 3 inches wide. Each sleeve is 57 feet long. It took a team of 50 professionals 30 days to make the coat. The huge coat is made of 800 yards of cotton blend fabric.
Deepak Parwani's 'Madhanian' collection at Pakistan Fashion Week:

Deepak Parwani's latest line presented at Pakistan Fashion Week in Karachi. The name of her collection was 'Madhanian' which was a tribute to the customs and beliefs of indigenous marriages. It was also a celebration of the tradition of "Suvala Sanghara", which every bride has to take 16 steps to perform to look "perfect" on every wedding day. Her current lineup consists of bridal and formal outfits.
The Golden was the color of the moment:

Deepak Parwani's formal line mainly focuses on shimmer gold and sheer kaftan as well as contemporary silhouettes which keeps the outfits very trendy and unique. Deepak Parwani Collection Pakistan Fashion Week BouleverdOne.

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