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Bareeze is a Pakistani high-end fashion retailer based in Lahore, Pakistan. It has operations in Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. It was founded by Pakistani fashion designer and philanthropist Seema Aziz.

Breeze is one of the fashion brands in Pakistan. The Berry Lawn collection has also entered the market at the outlets with its beautiful style. When fashion changes, women eagerly await the upcoming collection. Many clothing brands have launched their lawn collections for the year 2017-2017 but Berries is a very popular brand that always comes with vibrant colors and perfect matching. The Berries brand has used high-quality fabric in its collection which is very popular internationally.

The breeze was founded in 1985. Breeze is a popular Pakistani fashion brand that is gaining attention all over the world. Berries are always available in a variety of new embroidered fabrics for women and gents. ... Hand embroidery in history books has been a reflection of the quality and fashion of the subcontinent region.

1. Chinyere
2. Kayseria
3. Leisure Club
4. Minnie Minors (for children)
5. Super Squad
6. RangJA
7. Bareezé Man
8. Working Woman
9. Shahnameh
10. Bareezé Home Expressions
11. Mom 2 B (closed)
12. Urban Culture (closed)


Chennai's current gypsy fashion spirit. We specialize in bringing you a collection of special casual, semi-formal, and formal clothing for your wardrobe. Our clothes are designed with global fashion as well as tradition. With Chanel, you can wrap the caravan of your dreams and tie it with dresses, pleated tops, maxi dresses, and palazzo pants. Under the influence of exotic ornaments, embellishments, embroideries, and embroidery unleash the cultural richness of the chic. And do not forget the baubles, bangles, and beads. 


It is saffron. Kayseri’s the color of saffron. Kayseri’s a yogi, a pilgrim dressed in a saffron robe. The Jogi sets out in search of the beauty that leads the limited imagination and travels of this world to magic and greatness. In all traditional civilizations, we have seen the desire for paradise gardens expressed in the beauty of their arts and crafts. At Caesarea, we strive to bring this perfection to every detail of the design to match your high fabric quality. Caesarea is designed with the sincere intention of adorning the wearers and enhancing their beauty. Our designs are modern and timeless due to their strong roots. These designs are real because they remind us of our pure origin. When you wear clothes designed by Caesarea, they will look good today and with our high quality and fabric quality, they will look good in the years to come. The soil and spirit of our land are our greatest inspiration and we have celebrated the racial potential of all parts of the subcontinent. Our inspiration is drawn from all over the world. We have gathered all these inspirations under one roof to show you that this beauty is universal. Join our printed fabric, embroidery, jewelry, and special edition.


Bareezé has 90 stores in Pakistan and four other countries: India, Malaysia, UAE, and UK. It also has a network of franchises. The company has about 5,000 employees.

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