Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited is a Pakistani textile company that manufactures and sells clothes through a chain of retail outlets called IDEAS under the name of Gul Ahmed.


Gul Ahmed started trading in textiles in the early 20th century. In 1953, the group decided to enter the manufacturing sector under the name of Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited and was incorporated as a private limited company. In 1970, it was listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange and was one of the leading textile houses in Pakistan. Ideas Retail Shop at Atrium Mall on Zab-ul- Nisa Street, Sadder, Karachi.

In 2003, Gul Ahmed expanded into the retail sector and founded Ideas through Gul Ahmed Retail China. []] It provides a variety of home textiles and furnishings for men's and women's clothing in addition to the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. It also provides in-house monogramming, embroidery, and tailoring services.


I am mentioning two products here
1: Fabrics
2: Yarn


Gul Ahmed is able to dye and print the entire range of household textiles and apparel fabrics. We also have a back coating and flock print layout that gives us an extra opportunity to meet the needs of our customers. Gul Ahmed is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows her to complete a wide range of product types, including:

Best Lawn Collection:
Here is the latest lawn collection featuring Gul Ahmed's lawn suit. With over 300 designs, GulAhmed Summer Lawn's collection is a mix of vibrant colors and beautiful embroidery on beautiful fabrics.
Are you tired of fitting this perfect wardrobe? Is it hard to find that perfect color and flawless pattern in your lawn dress? Is there enough time to keep your wardrobe from spoiling? If so, you've come to the right place to collect many impressive and sophisticated summer lawns.
GulAhmed Latest Summer Lawn Collection 2020:
Gul Ahmed offers a summer lawn with colorful designs and delightful prints. Gul Ahmed Lawn has a wide range of tributes to Summer Premium Collection, Summer Basic Collection, Vintage Garden Ethnic Prints, Garden Flower Collection, Luxury Jacquard Collection, and Mice Lawn Collection.
Three-Piece Lawn Suits:
Three-piece lawn suits are found in closets all over Pakistan. Made from the finest cotton yarns, the Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection for spring and summer 2020, the three-piece non-slip suits are known for their beautiful prints and floral fabrics.
Two-Piece Lawn Suits:
If you are looking for a wardrobe full of women's shalwar kameez, get a two-piece lawn suit from Gul Ahmed. With perfect prints and high-quality fabric, you will love the confidence gained from wearing a Gul Ahmed lawn suit.
One-Piece Lawn Suits
Do you want to create your own masterpiece? Buy digitally printed one-piece non-woven fabric to create your fashion look. The Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection likes to add one-piece linen suits to artists who like to create their own style of Kurtis and tunnels.

Gul Ahmed has managed to establish himself as a leading producer of value-added clothing from Pakistan with a special emphasis on blended and yarn-dyed fabrics. At Gul Ahmed, we strive to grow and develop through learning, continuous improvement, and innovation.

The yarn produced by Gul Ahmed is exported to many countries around the world who appreciate the quality and prices offered. The various regions to which Gul Ahmed exports its yarn include:
North / South America (USA, Brazil)
Europe (Italy, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey)
Africa (Egypt)
Middle East (Syria, UAE, Saudi Arabia)
Southeast Asia (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Indonesia)

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