Monday, August 3, 2020

Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed is the largest brand expanding its store network to 100+ outlets across the country and globally to 20 stores in the UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, UAE, Qatar, and more. ۔They deals with men's and women's organizations of all ages in different categories and textiles such as chiffon, cotton, lawn, cambric, and silk. I also trade in oriental clothing, perfume, shoes, and some essential accessories for women.

It all started in 2002 with a shop on Tariq Road. At the time, Tariq Road was a shopping center for those looking for the latest in fashion. Initially, only men's clothing was available at the store, but later formal clothing, including clothing for women, children, and teenagers, as well as bridal wear, was added to the product list as the expansion continued. In 2011, we took another bold step and reshaped all of our outlets as part of our 'New Outlook, New Outlets' strategy. It broke the monotonous theme of our outlets by making them modern and different.
Corporate philosophy:

The main idea behind the launch of J ( was to reintroduce traditional clothing in Pakistan with a blend of modernity. To this end, we re-worked on our oriental clothing, especially the shalwar kameez, and made them contemporary with the latest envelopes. Experimenting with this rare combination increased people's interest in the modified eastern parts, which will always be popular.
Brand personality:

Jay can be described as a fashion retail brand that is rich, elegant, and stylish in a traditional combination. It continues to add seasonal fabrics, machine prints, intricate embroidery, and modern cuts to its already extensive collection regularly. For our unique and fast designs for men and women, we rely on a team of highly skilled fashion professionals who come from the country's renowned fashion institutes. They study the latest trends, research how they can adapt to the trends, choose colors and styles that can make the collection extraordinary, and then design both casual and formal designs for each season. Let's start by finalizing.

Although the philosophy behind the establishment of J.Was revives our traditional shirt shalwar. The aspect of adding a modern touch to them is what makes this brand special. This rare blend of tradition blending with modern fashion trends is modern in itself as it gives rise to amazingly amazing designs. This makes the brand a trendsetter in the fashion industry. For a flawless fine. We use state-of-the-art technology for our fabric. Handloom is used for khadi and jacquard fabric while power looms are used for plate fabric. All coloring, printing, and weaving is done by us.

J is the market leader when it comes to traditional clothing. We strive to incorporate all these historical jewelry and designs such as gota edges and block prints into our collections so that they are part of the latest trends. Our team consists of skilled craftsmen and professional fashion designers. That's why when they blend the old with the new, the result is a smooth and timeless design that our customers greatly appreciate.
Designing / Creative:

Coming up with new designs every time is a difficult task, especially when you are working in the lubricating market were the trends in the blink of an eye change. But our creative team produces hats that not only work carefully to ensure timely stock availability but also create designs and styles that are amazing.

Our men's collection includes:
·         Jay Karta Bunnat
·         Shalwar shirt
·         Waistcoat
·         Uninstalled fabric
·         Sherwani, turban, khosa and other accessories for the groom
·         Shoes
Our women's collection includes:
·         Lawn (stitched and without closure)
·         Collection of silk
·         Handmade collections
·         Pants
·         Jewelry
·         Stools
·         Shoes
Children's clothing:
Jay not only makes clothes for men and women but also has an ideal collection for children. The collection is further divided into teens, boys and girls, and newborns, and each category offers age-appropriate dynamic pairs with contemporary designs and styles for him and her.

To wear a groom:

The elegant and modern design is reflected in our traditional men's sherwani, turbans, khusas, and shawls. Their styles, colors, and detail work highlight everything else and make the groom the center of attention, which is his right.

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