Monday, August 3, 2020

Maria B

Maria B is a Pakistani clothing brand founded by Maria Butt. It is based in Lahore, Pakistan. Clothing includes ready-to-wear, non-stitched, and hew-caps. In 2017, he announced the addition of Sorovsky crystals to his embroidered chiffon and lawn collection.
The business was started by Maria Bilal Butt, a 1999 graduate of the Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design in Lahore, Pakistan. Pakistan's Maria Butt is a fashion magazine called Coco Chanel. Initially, she had only one shop and some sewing machines. He started his
Business with a few thousand investments. Intending to expand the brand, Maria B is now one of the largest fashion designer brands of porter, fabric, formal wear, lawn, embroidered fabric, linen, and cotton.

In October 2017, it was reported that Pakistan was one of the fastest-growing middle-class countries. It ranks among the 18 largest countries in the world in terms of the middle class. It is expected that the Pakistani middle-class population will continue to grow as it grows. With this number in mind, it is one of the most attractive markets in the world. Most Pakistani businesses are trying to target the middle class and this is also true for Maria B. They made all sorts of clothes, from clothes to parchment, and made their clothes cheaper so that they could increase their sales and therefore increase their revenue. As a result, his business has grown from a small shop to one of the largest retailers in Pakistan.
Maria B is known for the following brands:
1. Maria B Cottons
2. Maria B Evening Wear
3. Maria B Lawn
4. Maria B Linen
5. Maria B Embroidered

MARIA.B. Cotton:

Maria B۔ a collection of cotton for everyday wardrobe accessories is our line where we use indigenous hemp, cotton, and linen to provide you with an affordable but modern design to wear every day. When you think of cotton, important, 3-piece casual outfits, MARIA.B. Cotton
Covers you. Each season, new screen prints are designed, Western Kits and Salome are added to the collection, and the scene is always a mix of Pakistani and international trends. This collection is affordable, wearable, and signature MARIA.B. Style, and it is not surprising that it has a strong following of Pakistani women!
MARIA.B. Evening Wear:

A collection of evening wear on MARIA.B. Women has an important place to brighten up the evening. There are always some traditional pieces in this collection that have a signature style, as well as modern, statement pieces. Using premium textures provided by Chiffon, Silk, and Georgette, with elegantly decorated maps, this collection includes essentials to add to your evening pizza. The evening wear collection is modern, feminine, impressive, affordable, and wearable. Not surprisingly, this line is one of the best sellers in MARIA.B.

Maria B. Embroidered Fabric Collection:

Every season, find the luxury of Embroidered fabrics with Maria B - the first designer embroidered collection in the country on pure Chinese silk, Chinese chiffon, and linen silk. Celebrate with our beautiful collection of French roses, Ottoman patterns, and Mughal, follicle, and cross-stitch embroidery. With extra details of velvet and digital borders, laces, and buttons Embroidered Fabrics will offer exclusive collections that will pay attention to detail and be viewed with a pure aesthetic eye!

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